Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time Passing and Work Getting Done

Well, it was a very busy week.  I found and installed a new dining room fixture but can't find my photo of the install so here's just a picture of the fixture.

We got the base for a section of kitchen counter, and installed it so it would be in when the new floor is laid.

I also met with the flooring company,  picked out ceramic tile and now the tile guys are started on laying new floors in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Meanwhile, in the back yard, a Wisteria started to bloom and it's absolutely lovely.

I've been shopping for a counter top for the kitchen base and tomorrow I'll meet with those folks and have a counter top made.  While I'm waiting for that I will stain and finish the base and finish painting the shutters.  Grout will go on the floor tomorrow and we'll get the bathroom fixtures re-installed.

Things are moving right along and I see completion in sight, it's been a fun house to work on.

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