Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Expanding the Kitchen Update

After doing some work in the kitchen and trying to salvage a cool old cast iron sink, it became apparent that we needed a do-over.  So, I ordered new counter-top, bought a stainless steel sink and a nifty new high-neck water faucet.

To polish it off, the ceramic guy decided to do a really stunning stone backsplash. 

He got to make that decision because I was called out of town rather unexpectedly and left the crew to go forward without me. They did some terrific work but between that and the additional kitchen work, the whole project has been delayed a little and it will be another few weeks before it is done.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Landscaping and More

The new house has  nice landscaping in front but it has been neglected over the last few years.  Here the lawn guys are starting to trim and clear everything out.  

There is some evidence in back of extensive flower gardens but we won't know what's still there until Spring. That's always one of my favorite things to watch for... "what do we have here?"

The yellow tool in the way front of the picture is a ceramic tile saw, the guys are working inside and putting new ceramic on the bathroom walls and tub surround.  Next they will go to the kitchen and put new ceramic in the kitchen and utility room.  We had washer/dryer hook-ups installed off the kitchen, it is set up to work for stackable units, either the full size or the apartment type.

New counter top has been ordered and should be installed tomorrow so I'm still cautiously 
optimistic about an Open House on Sunday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lots of work going on...

Here's the guy from Haley's Carpet, taking measurements and getting us started
on the new flooring at the 2/1

They really did a terrific job.  The new and more plush carpet made the doors want to drag on the floor so we'll get those trimmed back and re-fitted in the next couple of days then on to the tile and the outdoor trim.

Meanwhile, over at the 3/1, all kinds of exciting things are happening.  New ceramic is going up in the bathroom today, the lawn guys are trimming trees and the painter is getting started.  If the counter tops go in as planned, we'll still be ready to show next weekend. Maybe we'll get really lucky, have enough nice weather, and they'll both be ready to go!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roof Picture for the new 3/1

Well, I finally figured out that if I email a photo to myself I can then save it and get it to post here.  Not the most efficient solution in the world but better than nothing so here's the roof in progress...

Today, the electrician said, "what a great house and it looks like a newer roof"...  when I quit laughing I asked if last week counts as new.

The wallpaper is stripped, we are done demolishing the bathroom,  new plumbing is installed and the ceramic work is starting.  We even raised the shower head so tall people don't have to bend over to wash their hair.
The 2/1 I have been talking about actually needs some exterior refreshing and the cold has brought that work to a halt.  Consequently, it is likely that the 3/1 will be ready first but we'll just see how it goes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Progress is Being Made

Last week we had the roofers come out and the new place is all snug just in time for the snow today.  Tomorrow the electrician will work on upgrading the interior service and adding some outlets where needed.  I will also be meeting with the plumber to double-check the services to the house and work on installing laundry hookups.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get pictures to load off my 'smart' phone but maybe I'll figure something out.  Strangely enough, it used to work just fine but clearly the phone is smarter than I am.

The 2/1 is freshly painted and the painter did a great job.  Carpet goes in tomorrow then we'll see about the ceramic for the kitchen.

At this point, I'm still thinking Open House for the 2/1 next weekend as long as the weather doesn't hold us up too much.