Monday, November 29, 2010

Inspections on the new aquisition...

We have all the inspections lined up for tomorrow then a brief lull while we wait to close on the new 3/1.

Until then, I do have a 2/1 coming vacant near 23rd and Drexel. As soon as the tenant has vacated I will post pictures and we'll schedule an Open House so folks can come and see.  At this time, unless some repairs are needed, I expect the Open House to be on 12/12 so folks can move into their new home for Christmas.

Lastly today, I just have to share a quote from one of my tenants because it made me smile... this was for helping them with an issue at the property " are one of the few good people left today and we're lucky to have you as landlords."  What a day-brightener!

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