Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4/2 in Warr Acres

Well - when we get busy, we get really busy!  So, I'm currently working with my guys on this nice 4 bed, 2 bath in Warr Acres near McArthur and 58th.  

I fully expect this house to be ready by March 1st if not before.   This is a quick picture from a day last week when we had 4 contractors show up at once... we ran out of room in the driveway but boy was stuff getting done! Today we finally got the heat on which will allow us to go forward with the rest of the interior work.

The home is in the Putnam City school district and has a great neighborhood.  This is going to be someone's dream home!

On top of that, we closed today on a really sweet 3 bed/1 bath home in Oklahoma City, still PC schools.  It's going to take a minute because we're starting with a new roof.  Watch the fun start here!

When ready for rent, the information will be posted here first so if you're looking for a March move in, here's where info will be.

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