Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Closet Doors

Well, hmmph.  The door vendor I was talking about earlier doesn't do custom bi-fold doors, "too hard", so that will make getting closet doors that fit an interesting challenge.  I suspect that now I know why there weren't doors to start with.

That leaves three choices, 1) batwings, 2) sliding doors - still would have to be custom made, or 3) the accordion pleated doors.  None of those would have been my first choice but they're all better than a curtain.  It does make me wonder what was in place originally.  It appears that there were straightforward hinge mounts but with no doors in place it's hard to tell.

I completed the rough sanding and started the finish sanding today but the difference doesn't show in photos so no new pictures.  Tomorrow I'll finish the fine sanding and lay down the stain, finish should go on Thursday as our predicted temperatures should be very good for stain and finish to dry.

It's coming right along and looking good, it's going to be a great house when we're done.

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