Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Return to the Stone House

Well, I got 26th completely painted and I think I've solved the 19" mini-blind problem so back to the Stone House.  This week I've been masking everything in preparation for painting, which is the time to make a few more design decisions...  I've decided it's possible to be vintage yet NOT charming so the Dining Room light fixture has to go...

Even if it does have one of those nifty fabric rope pulls that makes it go up and down...

Now I'm off to the store for ceiling paint and a new light fixture.  I plan to have the major painting done by Friday.  As much as he'd like to help, the dog's tail and wet paint are a bad combination so he's ready for me to be done and let him come back to work with me.

Now that I'm at the putting-back-together stage, things should go quickly.  Watch here for updates.


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